Life Skill

Post on 04 January 2022 by admin@bmira

Life requires skills, a sacred marriage as well. So basically everything in our life needs skills and there are training needs to be done to earn those skills. The harder the training we had done, the more skilful we were .
I’m just about 49 years old and I still feel not skilled enough related to “heart’s matter ”. At the same time, I still in searching the right books for getting all the answers which circling in my head. Not forget also by taking the life stories of my friends as references.
I have an idea/thought that: skills are needed in life and people whose think about it must have intelligence awareness . As an example, lots people up to 60 years old (means near into retirement period), still having problem due “bulging/fake investment” Where is the missed? They are definitely not unintelligent, so what is the mistake? Is this what it called “lack of intelligence awareness”? (Read: financial skill). There are still many people still ignore the old proverb “Do not bite off more than you can chew”, by having debt more than income and others complicated matters surround. I don’t get it why they would live like that.

As a mother, I considered myself as second defence in my family. Once the head of family decided and strongly against if any of the family member who’s taking wrong decision, I will do whatever I can to make them financially literate. I think that’s all I can say for now; I have no idea whether if my opinion will still be valid in the next 5 years. However I feel that I have done “the right thing” refers to the books and literatures that I’ve read whole this time. And, do you have any idea, why I call it “second defence”? Since the decision still will be made by the General which is head of the family a.k.a our husband . No matter what we say, but if we make wrong decision, the result will be the same. At the end of the end of the day, we are the only person who left alone, just like a general without its troupe .

Financial intelligence is one of the skills that need to be mastered. I really love this skill, even though I made many mistakes in the past. However I always have spirit to master it again and again. Besides mastering other skills that you won’t get it through school, such as business skills, branding, human relationship, emotion management, grooming (appearances, etiquette, and makeover) and lots more, that make our life colourful.

Let’s get back to the skill about “heart’s matter ”. For my reader who feels don’t have this skills, I could share a reference. “Lovology Indonesia” written by Bara Susanto can be consider as one of a good reference, you could try to read his book or even better can have a counselling with him by online through his clinic. Refer to Bara, “Lovology” is science about love and relationships goals management. It can describe as knowledge about love management and togetherness, also sharing many achievements of both. Lovology comes from word “Lov” means love and “Ology” or “Logos (Greek) means science.

Lovology focuses on discussing romance and togetherness as knowledge. That all aspects related to loves and togetherness can be learned simply, clearly, systematically and universally. Despite discussing romance and all its activities, there is no pornography contained in Lovology teaches.
Bara hopes that we all together can build a new form of awareness of love and togetherness, way much better than now. Lovology is the right knowledge if we talk about love and togetherness, meanwhile sexual intelligence will be the match skill.
You can find out more on his website at or sending whatsapp to 0821‐3544‐7477.
Thus my morning thought. Hopefully it will be useful, and I wish you all happiness and success
in handling career and marriage. Amin.