Is the heart’s desire, should I say, for professional and life I live, every step, done pure with listened soul. wake up in the morning, I do with coffee and read the book, and writing what should be done, create a list idea what should immediately in achieve, whether short-term and long-term. created new motif and service humanity. obtained the idea, with the muses in the lonely and solitude. slowly but surely, should not be there antecedent coercion, should not be some hampered … all have to flow.

is batik Bali, which I love, future I want to batik Bali got a place in the cor Indonesian community, no longer words “that batik, identical to Java and endek (weaving) identical with Bali. batikbali be one word, really can open eyes and get a place in the heart of the Balinese people and Indonesian people.

slowly but surely, should not by design or block my personality because of the rules, for what in do not illegal and sanctioned by heart, (which may I interpret as a word of God). all antecedent do have to reconcile, although there were ambitions and initially there debate, but still flowing in peace. that’s the characteristic features, that we have in the trails that correctly, what we do have to support the goodness for all people and useful.

Ones again, that I am not too religious, but as much as possible, what do can be useful for other people / environment.

Remember is that it what can do, and is useful for others? simple things, for example make writing, or thing greater.

Created the motif batikbali and humanitarian work, has become one, looking for the money and processing of money antecedent get to set aside for tube and distribute to Foundation, is the thing already a habit. no intention to imaging, but it is that really should be done, for all businesses, nor to show off, but the appeal, not to miserly and not maintain the nature of greed. many employers who already aware and many also entrepreneur who still maintain worldly exaggerated. although the work of batikbali made-up very dynamic, believe it or not, most of my time contents for humanitarian work. come to the school, to search for students students who want in guided to succeed. mission batikbali for humanity is: the welfare of the human race, by providing education and mentoring right target.

I love Gianyar
I love Bali
I love Indonesia